Seven Perks of Working From Home

When the government of the Philippines declared a state of emergency due to the rise of the COVID-19 disease in the country, working from home was introduced to the majority. Many Filipinos were delightfully surprised by the new perks that came with the remote work setup – they realized that it was possible to do their jobs well even at home.


Perk #1: Working From Home Saves You Time

Did you know that Filipinos lose 9 to 15 years of their lives stuck in traffic?   Commuters in Metro Manila lost an average of 257 hours — or 10 days and 17 hours — in their commute during rush hour pre-pandemic. Working from home does not entail commuting. Workers do not have to experience being stuck in traffic, being crushed by fellow commuters in jeeps/ LRTs/MRTs, and been spending precious time traveling to and from the office.

Another time-saving benefit of working from home is that you do not need to dress to impress and wear make-up during your shift (unless you hold a virtual meeting with the camera on). This saves professionals a lot of time that they would usually spend on preparing their work clothes and getting ready in the morning! For many Filipinos who are working from home for the first time, it is an eye-opener that it’s possible to wear comfortable home clothes and still perform their jobs well.

Lastly, work is right at your fingertips. You can rest longer, then clock in ten minutes before the start of your shift – you even have time to finish preparing a meal for you and your family without being late! Your work is literally within your reach. 


Perk #2: More Time to Spend With Your Family and Pets

Since everything needed to work is readily available at home and commuting to the office is no longer a necessity, Filipino professionals have more time in their hands than ever. Working from home allows you to have more time to bond and be with your family and fur-babies. 


Perk #3: Boosts Your Productivity

Working from home increases productivity. A 2013 study by Stanford determined that there was a 13% performance increase for professionals working remotely due to a quieter and more convenient working environment – plus employees who are working from home tend to take fewer sick days and shorter lunch breaks.


Perk #4: Saves You Money

Rino Abad, an Oil Industry Management Bureau director, said in a recent interview that the average price of gasoline is expected to go up from PHP68 to PHP70 by the end of February 2022. Due to the increase in oil prices and food cost, public transport fees on jeepneys, in particular, might increase from PHP9 to PHP15. With the inflation going on during the pandemic, working from home allows professionals to save money on gas and public transportation. 

Additionally, working from home saves women money that is usually spent buying make-up. In a study conducted by researchers at Boston University, women who wear makeup at work are generally more capable, reliable, amiable, confident, and competent. In an online study conducted by Harris Interactive, up to 44 percent of women in the workplace “have negative feelings when they are not wearing makeup” and only 3 percent said going to the office without makeup made them feel more attractive.

Working from home takes away the daily need for professional women to wear makeup. Pre-pandemic, the market revenue of facial cosmetics in the Philippines alone reached 172.7 million dollars in 2021.


Perk #5: Gives You Additional Protection From Illnesses Such as COVID-19

One of the reasons why the set-up was implemented by the government was to reduce people’s exposure rate to the COVID-19 virus and this safety precaution continues to be one of the biggest benefits of working from home – even 2 years later.

For more tips in keeping you and your family safe from the Covid-19 virus, make sure to read articles on protecting yourself from Covid while working from home.


Perk #6: Helps You Save the Environment 

Due to low levels of air pollution, the mountain range of Sierra Made was easily seen from a distance after many years. Image by Johair Siscar Addang

The air pollution problem in Manila affects 98% of its 12.8 million population and brings about more than 4,000 deaths annually. The NCR region is one of the biggest producers of greenhouse gases due to land transportation. Working from home has helped reduce greenhouse gas emissions. When Metro Manila was placed under ECQ from March 15 to May 15, 2020, levels of tropospheric nitrogen dioxide (NO2) dropped by approximately 52% compared to last 2019 because of the significant drop in people using mass transportation.


Perk #7: Gives Job Satisfaction

Overall, working from home increases employees’ job satisfaction. In a study by San Jose University, greater perceptions of autonomy in the workplace and fewer work disruptions – plus the ability to have more time for themselves and their families – makes professionals happier with their occupations.

In summary, working from home increases job satisfaction due to an increase in how employees are able to control and spend their time. Not to mention, the savings on time and money, protection from the pandemic, and the benefits on the environment have surely been a big help to Filipino professionals.