“Gusto Ko Nang Bumitaw” Moments While Working From Home

If you haven’t heard this song… have you been too preoccupied with your work? A new national anthem has been given birth for all the right reasons. The emotionally-poured song has been heard across social media. 

A song written for a local dramatic television show, “Gusto Ko Nang Bumitaw” was belted out by none other than Morissette with her melodic and whistle-bound voice. The title song translates to “I want to let go.” Simply put, the desire to give up on the highest of notes possible. Everyone has made their own versions of the song, attempting to hit the high notes (miserably) or just simply sharing their life miseries on film with the song as background. 

We have one Tiktoker here who made his own version of the song, changing the lyrics to his unwavering thoughts on resigning from work.



Tiis tiis lang mga muna 😅 #gustokonangbumitaw #morissetteamon #parody #justforfun #resign #coversong

♬ original sound – Arjie Catahan King – Arjie Catahan King

Dare I say… burnt. A Tiktoker shared his experience on a burnt batch of baked goodies, all gone to waste. Definitely, something you feel very defeated to, all efforts burnt.




♬ Gusto Ko Nang Bumitaw – From “The Broken Marriage Vow” – Morissette

While the reign is on Tiktok song collaborations, and we are still very much in the remote work era. Some instances can’t be helped when during virtual meetings and such, sometimes too much already for you to sing along with Morisette as if you can reach the notes way up high with what you’re feeling. Here are top work-from-home memes we found that we can relate to and say “Gusto Ko Nang Bumitaw”.


1. You can’t get enough of hearing these words through your headphones… it’s starting to sound like a love language.


2. Ah, the first few minutes… Hello?


3. Do you ever just want to be buried and never be seen again?



4. Simply put, you weren’t ready for the take.



5. Because if you were told beforehand, you do make sure you’re more than ready for the take.



6. The days do feel a little bit longer at home… that should be studied




7. When you go to the “office” pantry and the coffee maker isn’t refilled…



8. When you’re called to the office for that one-day RTO and it feels alien. 



9. You’re not in quarantine anymore but it sure does feel like it sometimes.


10. I swear it was just Monday! How come it’s Friday already??


Since most are embracing the remote work culture and have gotten used to the setting already, there are still days where it feels like you’d think your productivity would work better in a workplace or the office, where you can say there’s no internet interruptions and miscommunications. But you don’t get the privilege of extra sleep in the morning. 

At Sourcefit, we are still working from home. We have refined our ways of working on how our teams can work productively even remotely. Communication has also advanced in how we train our new hires to be the best professionals that they can be for our clients. Though there are still inevitable technical problems that will come, our IT department is always responsive and on the call for your concerns. Just like when our creatives’ software’s would crash, they would resolve it as soon as they can. Watch our Tiktok video below:


A scary experience that’s FIT for Halloween… What’s your #GustoKoNangBumitaw office moments? 😆 #SourcefitLife #BPO #fyp #WorkHorrorStories #figma #adobephotoshop

♬ Gusto Ko Nang Bumitaw – From “The Broken Marriage Vow” – Morissette


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