4 Online Job Sites That Will Help You Land a Career in the Philippines

An online job site is a platform that connects job applicants to recruiters. According to Jobvite, career sites can be built through site hosting software that allows employers to track activity and leads, post job openings, and share content. The best career sites offer an easy job application process, offer targeted content, and show off employer branding. Examples are JobStreet, Kalibrr, LinkedIn and GrabJobs.


#1: JobStreet

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Jobstreet job search engine

JobStreet is one of Asia’s leading online job sites. It helps facilitate the matching and communication of job opportunities between job seekers and employers in Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

It is easy to apply to an online job site such as Jobstreet. After creating an account and updating your profile, click the logo on the upper left part of the screen. It will lead you to the career board. From then on, you will have to fill up your desired job title, keyword, or company in the search button. Then, fill up the area, city, or town option. Lastly, click the arrow down in the “all job specifications” form to choose your industry.


#2: Kalibrr

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Kalibrr job search engine career philippines

Kalibrr is one of the most-sought IT companies that provide hiring solutions in Southeast Asia. The online job site aims to revolutionize the way candidates find careers and firms hire talent. Also, it connects companies with their next generation of leaders by creating better, faster, and more simple solutions when it comes to recruiting.

Applying for a job at Kalibrr is easy.  After logging in and updating your profile, click the “job board”. It is on the upper left section of the page. Then, type the location, job title, or company of your liking. You can also adjust the filters that contain the following: location, job level, employment type, job function, education, company, and salary. If you prefer a faster rate of engagement from recruiters, tick the box beside the filters. After your adjustments, you may now click search on your preferred career matches and apply. 


#3: LinkedIn

linkedin job sites search philippines career

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the web. Job applicants can use the online job site to find the right job or internship. Also, they can connect and strengthen professional relationships and learn the skills they need to succeed in their careers.

After logging in and creating your profile on LinkedIn, you can immediately look for a job by typing into the search button. After you click the search button, you will be directed to the page where you can filter the results to your desired postings. You can choose the experience level, date posted, company, and career type of your liking. Also, you can adjust whether you like to work remotely or in the office.

Pro Tip: Take note that your network also plays a crucial role in job searching. Make sure you build your connections on this site by clicking “my network” on the home page. Then, you connect with people from different companies you wish to know more about.


#4: GrabJobs

grabjobs job portal website

GrabJobs is a cost-effective recruitment solution that automates the sourcing, screening, and interviewing of candidates. With over 5,000 companies using the job platform to simplify their hiring process, it’s becoming a popular choice amongst job-seekers from all around the world including South Africa.

On Grabjobs, job seekers will have their profiles automatically generated for them and they can apply for new jobs in under a minute. This can be done with automated chatbot pre-screening interviews! With over 24,000 companies in the Philippines hiring on GrabJobs’ platform, you’ll surely find your dream job!


Online job sites will help find the right career for you faster, more convenient, and more efficient compared to applying on-site. With just one click of a button, you can immediately search and modify the perfect job listing for you. 

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