Common BPO Interview Questions in the Philippines and How to Ace Them

The BPO offshoring industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the Philippines with its revenue expected to increase to $29-billion this 2022. Also, there is an estimate that there will be an additional 160,000 jobs this year. To successfully land a career in the BPO industry, interviewees must understand and know the purpose of the interview questions to provide the most relevant answers. Its essence helps the interviewer get to know an applicant and determine if he/she is qualified for the job. Here are common interview questions and answers that would help one pass each employment application.


Tell me something about yourself?

This is one of the most common interview questions that are not only limited to the BPO offshoring industry. Almost all job interviews include this query. This question is not about sharing one’s hobbies and the latest whereabouts in one’s personal life. 

The purpose of this question is to allow the interviewer to hear a summary of the interviewee’s work/educational background and skills. This helps the questioner determine if the qualifications and experience of the person match the job position.

The correct answer to “tell me something about yourself” is to share 80% of your work, 15% of your educational background, and 5% of your personal life. Make sure to highlight the details that make you shine as a great candidate and best describe your skills and talents skewed to the position you’re applying to.


What is a BPO?

This interview question is more straightforward compared to the others that seem tricky to answer. This question is not meant to offend the interviewee. It does not indicate that the applicant does not know what they are getting into in a company. 

The purpose of this query is for interviewers to confirm that the interviewee understands the industry that you are applying for. Knowing the landscape shows that you understand the business as a whole.

The correct answer to the interview question is to state what you know of the topic, expound on it a little and try to circle back to how you can solve pain points and problems for the business.


Why do you want to work in this company?/What do you know about this company?

These queries are two of the trickiest and most unnerving interview questions of them all. It is not about interviewers misunderstanding their own company. 

The purpose of asking these interview questions is to test the person’s work ethic and professionalism. The interviewer wants to know that the applicant took time to research the firm he/she is applying to. A well-prepared interviewee displays the signs of commitment and ambition in their career towards their assessor.

To give the correct answer to the interview question, one must first research the firm’s products/services, mission and vision, and industry before an interview. A simple website and social check can go a long way.


Can you do night shifts?

Lastly, the BPO offshoring industry in the Philippines is known for its night shift schedule. Since the majority of its clients are from abroad such as the United States of America., In the United Kingdom, and so on, the time difference opens Filipino workers to do graveyard shifts. 

The interview question is not tricky. It is one of the most straightforward questions of them all since the interviewer asks if the interviewee is comfortable with the schedule.

The correct answer to “can you do night shifts?” is simply a yes or a no. If one is not comfortable working at such a time, the applicant must inform the interviewer immediately. 

To conclude, to pass a job application, one must familiarize and understand the purpose of the common interview questions in the BPO offshoring industry