Challenges That Fresh Graduates May Encounter in the Workplace

Being new to the workforce can be daunting. Once stepping into the office, you will be greeted by a new environment. Suddenly, you realize that the culture is different from school: the people you surround yourself with are no longer your age. You will be working with colleagues that are as old as your mother or your professor. Not to mention, you will no longer experience homework. All your work now is strictly done from 9 to 5 (unless you take your tasks home.)


As much as joining the corporate world can be an intimidating experience, it can also be a beautiful one. You are finally now contributing to society and earning your own money without asking for an allowance from your parents. However, you still have to anticipate that you will have a challenging experience at work since this will be a new transition. Here are the most common problems newbies encounter in the workplace:


#1: Fitting In

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If you are new to the workplace, fitting in can be a challenge at first. Initially, you do not know the people you are working with – you’re not sure if they will be toxic or friendly in the long run. They can either affect your mental health detrimentally or favorably. One way to foreshadow the company culture is research. Before entering or applying for an organization, make sure you look into the workplace culture. Websites such as Glassdoor, LinkedIn, JobStreet, and Kalibrr will help you know the ratings and reviews of each firm. 


#2: Disagreeable Coworkers

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Let’s face it: everyone has different opinions. No matter how much we try to influence people to conform to what we believe in, deep inside, we cannot convince everyone to agree with us. Arguing about a political belief is an example of a challenging experience at work. Engaging in such activities may result in failure to cooperate with colleagues in the workplace. However, we must put our differences aside. What it boils down to at the end of the day is your work which means that you stick to what you do and what you agreed upon in your job offer unless disputing with your colleagues is a part of your position. 


If there are any disagreements or clashes in the workplace regarding your tasks, always communicate respectfully. Make sure to voice out your concern, especially when an opinion is needed. Remember not to interrupt your colleagues when they speaking. Lend an ear first. Then, wait for your turn to talk. Afterward, find a common ground for a resolution to such a challenging experience at work.


#3: Time Management

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Meeting deadlines is a challenging experience at work. It is not like school where you miss a time limit on your homework then you only experience the consequences internally. For example, you risk losing grades after forgetting to submit your report. In the workforce, if you miss a cut-off, you will not only affect yourself but your colleagues – maybe even the company, too. The effects of neglecting time management can be catastrophic if not taken seriously: the reputation of your company and the trust of your customers will be put at risk. In the long run, revenue will decline. Thus, you might threaten the employment of people working in the firm. 


Education does not stop in college. When you are at work, you will realize that you are not just building your skills and knowledge but your character too. If ever you feel overwhelmed in the workplace, always remember to take things one at a time and relax. Definitely, this will help you build confidence in facing a challenging experience at work. 


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