A Perk of Working From Home During the Pandemic: Saving Time

During 2019, the pre-pandemic year of the Philippines, commuters in Metro Manila lost an average of 257 hours — or 10 days and 17 hours — in their commute during rush hour alone. If you compute the numbers in the long run, Filipinos dedicate 9 to 15 years of their lives stuck in traffic – that excludes waking up early, waiting in long lines, and going back and forth to work every day. Thankfully, working from home removes the need to commute plus many other benefits that allow Filipino professionals to save time.


In addition to removing the need for the daily commute, working from home also takes away the need to dress to impress and wear make-up during your shift (unless you hold a virtual meeting with the camera on). This allows workers to be more relaxed and less tense because they do not need to physically look upright and professional all the time. For many Filipinos who are working from home for the first time, it is an eye-opener that it’s possible to wear comfortable home clothes and still perform their jobs well.


Lastly, work is right at your fingertips. You can rest longer, then clock in ten minutes before the start of your shift! Pre-pandemic, hitting the snooze button on your alarm ensures that you will be late especially with the current state of public transportation in the country. With the remote work setup, you have enough time to prepare yourself for the day and even finish several chores at home minutes before your time-in without being late – your work is literally within your reach!


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