15 Funny and Relatable Memes About the Perks of Working From Home

When the COVID-19 pandemic was declared last March 2020, working from home was introduced to the public. Under the Telecommuting Act of the Philippines or RA 11165, introduced in 2019, employees that are working remotely are given the same benefits as employees working from the office such as rate of pay, rest periods and holidays, and access to training and career development opportunities among others. 


Although the republic act was introduced in 2019, the benefits of working from home really played a crucial role for both employees and employers during the pandemic in ensuring business continuity. Many people were surprised about the perks of working from home and it seems like remote work is a gift that keeps on giving.


Here are 15 funny and relatable memes about the other (unexpected) perks of the new work setup. 


  1. Hello, can you hear me?
    working from home meme and mute mic
  2. I love being comfortable

  1. Ahh…the glorious days of working from home:


  1. Work smart, but not hard:
    Work from home traffic meme


  1. Work from home! Finally, I can be productive.
  1. *Flips hair*:
    A woman from The Office saying "Guess who just became the cutest girl in the office?"


  1. Expectation Vs. Reality:
    Work from home memes


  1. “We actually don’t know what to do”:
    working from home meme and workers


  1. Oh My God:
    work from home call


  1. Hello Wilson:
    Wifi Problem


  1. “Working from home is for everyone”:


  1. Is the video virtual meeting necessary?
    Me getting ready to go on zoom for something that should just be an email meme


  1. Virtual meetings are fun and everyone can join.



  1. Forgetting to turn off your camera:
    work from home memes


  1. Time is gold they say:


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